Friday, June 22, 2012

Nitty-Gritty Nugget Bonanza

I had great feedback on my June 15, 2012 post where I shared lots of little Nitty-Gritty Nuggets.  Today is a Nitty-Gritty Nugget Bonanza!

Super new Etsy Seller Handbook just posted on the Etsy Blog on June 20, 2012.  I highly recommend reading it.  These are the sections you will find.

I. New SellersVIII. Customer Service
II. PhotographyIX. Shipping & Packaging
III. Get Found in SearchX. Pricing
IV. BrandingXI. Finances & Taxes
V. PromotionXII. Category Specific
VI. Get FeaturedXIII. Craft Shows & Wholesale
VII. Inspiration, Motivation & CreativityXIV. Legal Info

My favorite section is How to Create A Cohesive Shop in the Branding section (IV.)  Even if you only sell art this is worth a read.  Think of your Etsy Art shop as a gallery exhibit which needs to be curated, or a juried competition where you expect to see good, if not great, art.  (This is not just advice for artists selling on Etsy, but anywhere on the internet.)

This next link is from my favorite blog, Copyblogger, the best for content marketing.  It was founded by Brian Clark. (I would really encourage you to subscribe to the blog.)

The Best Times to Tweet and Post to Facebook.  Who knew?

Another good blog to follow, although I'm not crazy about the artist features, is ArtProMotivate by Graham Matthews.  But, today there was a link to a unique site, Paintings I Love, where you can get your artwork critiqued.  I haven't tried it yet.  Here is the link to Graham's review of the site.  He provides a link to check it out for yourself.  (I would suggest artists on Etsy who are not attracting buyers to get some feedback.  It could be your marketing, but it could also be your art.)

Last but not least for today is artist, Keri Keene's, blogpost How Do You Ship Art?  Of particular interest is the topic of glassine, which I love and highly recommend for shipping pastel paintings.  Keri also uses it for shipping oils, acrylics, drawings, etc.  Thanks Keri!

I hope you found something in today's Nitty-Gritty Nugget Bonanza that was helpful.  Happy painting!

"Vintage Bottle and Tea Roses"
8 x 8 Pastel on Paper

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  1. Thanks for all the wonderful links to some great information! I also appreciate you including my post about shipping art! Thank you!