Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Inspiration from Unlikely Places

It's the one day of the week that my husband and I spend the day with our youngest granddaughter, Emma, so not much time to write.

We have four grandchildren, the oldest being 18, then 16, 5 and 3.  We also have two beautiful young girls who are our almost-granddaughters, our son's fiance's girls.  Each of our kids is a different source of unlikely inspiration for me as an artist.

Emma, the youngest, is so independent, "I'm strong....I'm brave....I can do it myself!" She is an inspiration for me in being extremely independent.  Those little declarations she makes feed my own independent spirit. 

Our oldest, Taylor, has taught me to overcome your fears and bloom. Keegan, our grandson, is an old soul and has taught me to follow my inner wisdom.  The five year old, Opal, teaches me the world needs more entertainment. She's a natural-born performer and gets it from me, I think. I'm also a show-off! (Just ask my studio mate, JunieB.)  My new "loves" - Madison, is all about supporting her "sisters" of the world, and Riley, is teaching  me to live life on life's terms.  Riley has had Juvenile Diabetes since she was 10 months old and is a champ.

I keep these inspirations written on the inside cover of my "handy-dandy" notebook that I carry in my purse. (If you watch the Nick, Jr TV channel at all you'll get the connection to Blues Clues and the notebook.)

"Cuties and Cranberries"
6 x 8" Pastel on Paper
On exhibit in June
 Missouri Valley Impressionist Society Exhibit
Got Art on Third, Lee's Summit, MO

Today's Nitty-Gritty Nugget:

Where do you get your unlikely source of inspiration to be who you are?

What's Next?

1. Make a list of the people in your life who inpire you. Make notes about what they are teaching you.

2. Post your final "unlikely inspiration" notes somewhere that you will see them everyday.

3. When times get tough, read your notes and think of examples where this person has demonstrated those little bits of inspiration.  This week there was a FB picture of Madison selling lemonade to raise money for a cure for Juvenile Diabetes to help her sister.  Amazing.....

Speaking of FaceBook, don't forget "What Are You Really Selling?" also has a FB page. You'll find lots more inspiration there.


  1. Like you, my inspirations come from my family.... my parents who have never quite understood me, but always made sure to support me and my art; and most especially my husband Stephen, who worries (and just knows) that something is wrong when I'm not motivated to work... Stephen pushes me to always progress and learn as an artist - and as a person. He makes me want to be BETTER. Better at everything, but mostly a better version of ME.

    Betsy Jones

  2. How lucky you are Betsy! My art is like therapy, if I go for too long without it, I get cranky...and my husband is asking "Shouldn't you be painting?"

  3. I'm going to walk around my house today, look through cabinets, through photos and in the storage room.
    Just going to see what inspires me.