Wednesday, May 2, 2012

You Can't Handle the Truth! Or Maybe You Can?

Update 5/6/12 

I recently found a website,, which is a writing community where, using their advertising structure, I can earn a few dollars a month.  Maybe enough to keep me in Starbucks!

This article has been moved to HubPages.  I do apologize for any inconvenience for having you make one more click to find what you are looking for, but I found out (after posting the article there) that it can't be duplicated material.  In other words, I can't just cut and paste my blog posts, they must be significantly different. I will keep this in mind in the future when I am writing for both sites. 

As my favorite inspiration role model, Danielle Laporte, says "Launch and Learn".  It's never going to be perfect, so just get out there and do it.

Thanks for your interest and support!
"Crock and Orange Slices"
6 x 6 Oil on Panel


  1. made a copy of these under "What's Next"
    love your blog

    1. Thanks Donnarose! I'm glad you found my blog post helpful. Love to hear any feedback on doing the exercises and how it may have specifically helped you.

  2. So much good information I just know I will have to re-read it. Thanks for such an informative post! I love the exercise also...

    1. Thank you Maria...I'm glad you find my blog posts informative. You might also want to check out my FB page for some additional inspiration

      Cheers! Cindy

  3. Somehow hearing Jack Nickleson's voice come out of your picture made my head hurt! Really good stuff, this post. I am reminded of a quote by Casey Baugh "In a room packed with paintings, the one that often first catches our eye is the one with the best composition." I think that might be apropos too, to the issue of emotional impact. We respond first to that which is to the point and concise. In other words, good composition. Thanks for this Cindy.

  4. I'm ready to take some art classes just to receive feedback because I honestly don't have a clue except to think my artwork might not have an appeal to many people, it's, I don't know....quirky? I have a hard time being objective because it's purely a fun, engrossing experience to paint, no technique...or formal training. I think feedback is blog is to hope to get it, really, but everybody's so...nice.
    I really like your advice, I'm going to be mulling over your suggestions and figuring out how I can incorporate them....and to Louise, yes, composition, composition, composition.

  5. Pamela, Your artwork is fabulous! It's vibrant,colorful, great texture, shapes,and lines. Honestly I don't think it's your artwork, I think it's the organization of your shop...also your pricing structure. I also don't know anything about your marketing strategy..but I'm going to send you a convo on Etsy.