Wednesday, May 23, 2012

You're Being Paged

For those readers wondering if they should set up a Facebook (FB) page to support their online selling efforts, here are my Etsy shop stats for the last 30 days.  While FB is not the number one source of visits to my Etsy shop, it is in the top 5.  (I'm only showing the top 5.)

1.                                                    793

2.     Direct TrafficPeople who typed your URL into their browser, bookmarked your page, or clicked a link in an email, instant message, or twitter client.                                               253

3.                                       69

4.                                             52

5.       34

I created my Cynthia Haase Fine Art FB page October 27, 2011, and FB has brought in 438 page views since then. Many of my sales are followers finding my work through FB.

What to do with all these people?

When I first joined FB several years ago I had my personal page, but it was quickly filling up with posts about my art business. I feared my friends and family were sick to pieces of hearing about my art, so I established my art FB page.

When new people, many of whom I am unfamiliar with, ask to join my personal page I now send them a message which reads:

      I recently received a friend request from you.

I’m limiting my personal FB page to my huge family and close friends. However, my guess is we share a common interest in all things art related. I have two other FB pages: My art My Nitty Gritty Nuggets of Selling Art Online

I do hope you will understand and join me at one or both of my professional pages.

Warm Regards,
Cindy Haase

This issue always seems to come up when discussing adding a FB page for art – How to inform followers you have a personal page separate from your business page  Sharing my grandchildren’s photos, details about an upcoming trip, or health status of my family becomes less of an issue when the two are separate.  I do, however, share my artwork with family and friends on my personal page from time to time.

Having a business art page also allows me to feature artwork of some of my favorite painters, as well as topics of interest for my artist friends without boring my family and close friends to tears.  One guilty pleasure I have is posting works that have sold, and telling folks whether it's a new or repeat collector and where the paintings are going.  I think that helps to build a trust factor.
"Vintage Teapot"
9 x 12 Colored Pencil and a bit of Pastel

Today’s Nitty Gritty Nugget:
        Create a FB page for your art business.
What’s Next?

1.      Go to your FB Home page and click on the Help Menu in the upper right corner.  Type “Create a Page” in the Search bar.

2.      Once you have created your art business page let followers know on your personal page. For those who would like to follow your art invite them to “like” your new art business page. (I hate using the word “fan” page.) Click here for help choosing a username for your new page.

3.      When you have reached a certain amount of likes (it was 25 when I applied) FB will provide you with a link to convert to a url specifically for your page.  Mine is

4.    Keep your posts interesting and not too frequent (1-2 per day is enough without overloading followers.)  Provide inspirational and educational links.

5.  Include the link to your FB art business page on your marketing materials such as postcards and business cards.


  1. Thankyou for another helpful post, Cindy!
    And thanks for giving us a nice way to respond to people who send requests to our personal pages. I have never been quite sure how to handle that - and you worded it so nicely! ;-)

  2. Thanks so much for the feedback, Debbie!

  3. Sharing a link by a person I follow on FB, Kim Komando. This article is also about a FB page.

  4. Following from Etsy team. Question: When I post on my fan page it goes to my personal page. How can I not have my business posts show up on my personal page?