Thursday, May 10, 2012

Know When to Hold 'Em

What’s the best timing approach for posting new listings in your online shop/gallery?

-Saving up your art to list several paintings at one time

-Listing your paintings as soon as they are done

Let me help you out here, I don’t think there is a “best”, just different.
"Saucy" 6 x 6 Pastel on Paper
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A look at two different approaches:

In my Etsy shop, Littleton Studio, I list my items as soon as I deem them done, or more correctly as soon as my studio mate, JunieB, agrees they are done.  Sometimes she doesn’t agree.  For my oil paintings I give a “ready for shipping date” in my item description to give them drying time, but I don’t wait to list them until they are dry.   I use this approach partly to always keep something new and fresh at the top of my items for sale and it motivates me to paint more often, sometimes daily.  The real reason I use this approach is I get a huge “Rush” from the whole process of listing and seeing the views and reactions to my paintings.  Here is where the gambler’s blood coursing through your veins fits into the picture.  My favorite story is about listing a lime painting that sold in less than 10 minutes.  I could see that old slot machine hit lucky sevens in my mind’s eye!

One of my favorite shops is Jill2Day, she features one-of-kind clothing made from recycled sweaters and fabrics.  We’ve traded paintings for clothing in the past and she is a delightful person to work with.  Jill also has a Facebook page and I’ve watched as she uses a build-up period to promote enthusiasm.  She will give you sneak peeks at fabrics, designs and a countdown as to when the items will be actually posted in her shop.  She has even posted photos as she is folding, photographing and tagging sweaters (not to mention her cool afghans.)  I’d say the “Anticipation” approach is working just fine for her, she’s had 817 sales and has 2800+ admirers.  (I’m the proud owner of three of her summer tops.)

Today’s Nitty- Gritty Nugget:
Whatever approach you use, Rush or Anticipation, make it work for you. 

"Bluesy Pears" 5 x7 Oil on Panel

What’s Next?

1.      Think about your approach to listing new art.  Do you identify more with the Rush or Anticipation approach?

2.       Could you benefit from tweaking or experimenting with your approach?

3.      Do you use Facebook and Twitter to get the word out about your new listing? (You really need to think about doing this, if you aren’t.)


  1. Great post Cindy! I have tried both ways, and part of the reason i do 'batches' is because of sizing. I hate the idea of listing one at a time, and it will be only appropriately sized for a few members of my audience. When I upload a batch, I try to have a real variety of sizes and colors. I also produce in "batches" so, like you, I really hate to wait and parcel items out over time... I want to list as soon as I can! But the batching does allow for the 'anticipatory announcements'. Thanks so much for the shout out! Jill

  2. Thanks Jill, It's always good to hear the real "why" someone chooses how they use their Etsy shop!

  3. I've also tried different ways and so far for me the jury is still out